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Add a purchase contact item code

After creating a purchase contact, you can record specific item data for the purchase contact. For example, at the level of the item code for the purchase contact you can specify that this is the preferred purchase contact for an article and record the article code that the purchase contact uses for the article.

If you want to print the item codes of the purchase contact on the order reports, you add the item codes of the purchase contact in question and link them to your own item codes.

To add a purchase contact item code:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Purchase / Purchase contact item code.
  2. Click on: New
  3. Select the purchase contact.
  4. Select the Item type that you want to add.
  5. Select the Item code.
  6. In Purchase contact item code, enter the article number used by the purchase contact. You can use this number in various layouts such as, for example, the goods receipt.
  7. If applicable, select the Preferred purchase contact check box if multiple purchase contacts are linked and you want to designate the current new purchase contact as preferred.
  8. In Barcode, enter the bar code of the purchase contact.
  9. Click on: Next.
  10. Click on: Next
  11. If applicable, add a comment.
  12. Click on: Finish

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