Build and test an UpdateConnector

An external application can use an UpdateConnector to add, change or delete records in the Profit database (options vary per connector). You use UpdateConnectors to link external systems, such as time registration systems and web shops, to Profit.


You use an UpdateConnector if you want to apply changes to the Profit database from an external application. These changes are:

  • INSERT (add records)
  • UPDATE (change records)
  • DELETE (delete records)

    App_Conn UpdateConnector (Beschr)

The Profit Help contains descriptions of all available UpdateConnectors and their options. The descriptions include the options available for each UpdateConnector. Some UpdateConnectors can apply all of the above operations, but there are also UpdateConnectors which can only apply an UPDATE or an INSERT, for instance.

In addition to UpdateConnectors, Profit also provides another method to add or change records: using an import. If you exchange a particular type of data frequently with Profit, we recommend that you use an UpdateConnector. This is the case, for example, if you use a time registration system, and you want to write new lines to the Profit database each time. If you want to add a lot of records to Profit all at once, use an import. You always use the import to add initial data during the implementation. That is because UpdateConnectors are not designed to add a large amount of data in one go.


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