You use Profit connectors to seamlessly integrate Profit with external applications. By doing so, you bring an end to 'islands of automation'.


You can call connectors based on NTLM authentication or on token authentication.

As from 1 January 2017, NTLM authentication will no longer be supported. Switch to the app connector in time. The App connector uses token authentication. The App connector offers the following advantages: a more stable connection, a secure authentication method based on unique tokens, closely-knit authorisation of connectors.

Visit the transition page on our AFAS Customer portal to read all necessary information about the transition and register for one of the walk-in sessions.

Many organisations record information about staff and customers for example in different systems. The same work is therefore doubled up. This is not only inefficient, it increases the likelihood of errors. This can be avoided! Even if you are using a specific sector solution and at the same time work with AFAS software, you don't have to enter data twice. The Profit Connector ensures that both applications are linked real-time and exchange data.

The power of Profit Connectors:

  • Maintenance-free link
  • Always current data
  • Integration of different software products
  • Fast and high-quality data exchange



Profit Connectors offer vast possibilities, but require a great deal of expertise. You can run the implementation yourself or enlist the support of a consultant, an AFAS partner or an external party. AFAS cooperates with certified partners from various sectors (also see Partners can provide certified links and support you in the integration of Profit with all kinds of systems, such as time registration, document recognition, telephony or webshop systems.

Before you start working with connectors, you must have completed the Profit Connectors Specialisation course (IMT) course.

We distinguish between the following connectors:

  • GetConnector

    A GetConnector retrieves data from a Profit environment. An external application uses GetConnectors to retrieve data from Profit.

  • UpdateConnector

    The XSD schema of an UpdateConnector shows you how to format the XML file to be delivered and what fields you need to deliver. You also use the XSD file to validate the XML. An external application uses UpdateConnectors to apply this operation to the Profit database.

Profit connectors are passive: they do not initiate any actions themselves. If a connector needs to perform an action (retrieve or write records), an external application must call the connector. If an external application needs records that have been changed in Profit, the external application must also initiate an action to call the GetConnector.

Two special connectors are available:

  • SubjectConnector

    The SubjectConnector retrieves attachments that have been saved with dossier items in the Profit dossier.

  • ReportConnector

    The ReportConnector retrieves Profit reports.


AFAS Support does not provide any support for building applications for the Profit Connectors. Profit Help does provide several examples for illustration purposes.

AFAS is not responsible for any errors in the code or in the documents and AFAS does not provide support for the use of this code or documentation.
You are responsible for the security of the data exchanged using connectors, for example over an Internet connection.

Connectors offer a secure method to access the Profit database, which guarantees compatibility of data exchange within a version of Profit. It may occur that new functionality is also added to the Connector when a new build is released. The release of an all new version of Profit may affect the structure of the database, which in turn could mean that the use of Profit Connectors must be reviewed.