Supplied GetConnectors

By default, Profit has a large set of GetConnectors. Always check whether a GetConnector has been supplied that satisfies your requirements before you add one yourself.


  • You do not have to develop GetConnectors yourself.
  • By default, the supplied GetConnectors are available in every environment so you do not have to import them.
  • Not only do you save time in developing GetConnectors, you also save time in their maintenance.

To view the supplied GetConnectors:

  1. Go to: General / Output / Management / GetConnector.

    All GetConnectors that are available in the environment are shown. Filter on Profit_ to view a list of generic GetConnectors. These GetConnectors contain a lot of functionality and can be used by default.

    App_Cnr GS GetConnector - Meegeleverde GetConnectoren (Profit 2016)

Directly to

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  5. Use and test filters using the Web service
  6. Import and export a GetConnector