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Dossier item in workflow (KnSubjectWorkflowReaction Updateconnector)

An UpdateConnector for adding a response to a dossier item, sending a dossier item to the next step in the workflow or a combination of both.

UpdateConnector name: KnSubjectWorkflowReaction


You can retrieve a list of fields to be supplied for each UpdateConnector and generate an XML example. See the description for AFAS Online or for a local installation.



Actions that can be performed with the connector


Add records

Download an XML example file (forward a dossier item in the workflow)

Download an XML example file (add a response to a dossier item)

Not possible with the connector:

  • Change or delete records.


    The connector user must also be the user performing the workflow task. You can ensure this is the case, for example by adding the user to the site administrators group.

Dossier item

Field: SbId

Internal number of the dossier item.

Steps to retrieve the internal number

Workflow, task, and action

If you want to transfer a dossier item to the next step in the workflow, you must record GUIDs in the below fields.

You can do this for one dossier item only (not for multiple items at the same time).

To look up GUIDs:

  1. Go to: CRM / Dossier / Configuration / Dossier item type.
  2. Go to the tab: Workflows.
  3. Open the workflow in the Workflow Editor.
  4. Open the view: Task and action view (Ctrl+T).

  5. Use the GUIDs for the following fields in the connector:
    • Workflow (WfNm)
    • Task (TkNm)
    • Action (AcNm)

Response visible

Field: VaRe

Indicate whether a response is visible internally only, or internally and externally. If you do not supply a value, the default value is 'EI'.

  • I : Internally only
  • EI: Externally and internally

Delegate to another user

Field: UsTa

Enter the code of the user.

Download an XML sample file

Response with attachments (as from Profit 3)

You add a response with attachments to the dossier item. Starting with Profit 3, you can record multiple attachments for one dossier item in the 'KnReactionAttachment' element.

If you want to change an attachment, delete the old attachment and add the new one.

Fields of the 'KnReactionAttachment' element:

  • FileName

    File name. It is not allowed to include a file path.

    The file name Resume.docx is allowed, the file name \\myserver\resumes\Resume.docx is not allowed.

  • FileStream

    The attachment in base64 format You must first convert the file to a base64 string with an external tool; then, you can submit the base64 string as an attachment.

Download an XML example file

Response with attachment (up to and including Profit 2016)

In Profit 2016 you could create a dossier item with one attachment. You included GUID of the attachment in the 'FileId' element.

This solution continues to work in Profit 3. If you are going to create a new connector, always use the 'KnWorkflowAttachment' element.

One attachment to a new response

Field: FileId

You can link an attachment to a response by including a GUID in the XML.

Download an XML sample file

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