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Dossier and workflow in OutSite

You can use the Profit dossier functionality in OutSite.


You can use dossiers and workflows in a portal. For example, a logged on visitor can use the customer portal to view the organisation's dossier and respond to a dossier item.

In Profit, you make a distinction between dossier items you only use within your own organisation and dossier items you want to make available to customers. You specify this per dossier item type.

A customer's dossier is visible to that customer. Tax returns and correspondence about the dossier are visible as a dossier item. The same applies to CaseWare documents, management reports, etc. Dossier items have a separate status in the workflows. This is different from the status options which can be viewed internally in Profit and InSite.

If you have configured this, the customer can approve and complete his/her dossier items. For responses to a dossier item, you specify whether they are visible only internally or also externally. Your customer can also submit a dossier item him/herself, if you have configured this.  

For those dossier item types you add yourself, on the site you can:

  • Add views of all dossier items for each of that type
  • From these views, click through to the details

In addition to the dossier item type specific views, you are also supplied with views that contain dossier items of different types.


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