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Import using an existing import definition

You can standardise the import process with import definitions. An import definition contains all the data for a single import action, such as the location of the import file, the general settings and the link of the fields to be imported with fields in Profit.

If an import is changed (for example, due to new Profit fields or new import fields), you can start with an existing import definition. Enter your changes in that definition and enter a new name for the import definition, to save it under a name that is different from the original.


Always test the import in a test environment before making permanent changes to your live environment.

To import a file using an existing import definition/change an import definition:

  1. Go to: the import definition.
  2. Select Import using an existing definition and/or change existing definition
  3. Click on: Next
  4. Select the import definition.
  5. Complete the rest of the wizard. The import has already been set up, but you can change it. For more information, see Import a file using a new definition.

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