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You can have employees or other persons complete a survey via InSite, after which you can immediately view the results.

If you use surveys in combination with Competence management, you can measure the extent to which the employees meet the requirements you have set for their competences.


You can include questions in a survey model in two ways:

  • You can include single questions in a survey model.
  • You can first bundle the questions in a question category. If you include a question category in a survey model, you automatically include the questions linked to the category. A question category has a description (title) and comments. On a generated survey, Profit first displays this title and comments and then the selected questions. This gives the survey a logical format.

You can also combine single questions and question categories in a survey model. For example, you can start with a number of general questions and then include the desired question categories. Advantages of the use of question categories include:

  • Including question categories in a survey model takes less time than including single questions.
  • By using question categories the questions are arranged logically, provided you do not put the questions in a random order (depending on the properties of the survey model).

You can link a question to multiple question categories and you can link a question category to multiple survey models.


  • Configure surveys

    Configuring the survey tool consists of filling a survey model with questions. Using the survey model you generate the surveys. Before you start the configuration, you first have to activate the functionality.


  • Conduct a survey

    You generate a survey based on a survey model and have it completed by the respondents.  

  • Survey in InSite

    You can use InSite to conduct both general surveys and surveys in the context of competence management.

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