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Install AFAS Pocket on a smartphone or tablet

Congratulations! You get started with the AFAS Pocket App.

Download and install AFAS Pocket App on your smartphone:

You download the app, install it on your smartphone or tablet and log in. Once you are logged in, the smartphone or tablet is linked to a Profit environment and you can get started with AFAS Pocket.

Users can only perform these steps after the administrator has configured AFAS Pocket in Profit Windows.


For this process, you need an external key (a code), which you can obtain from the administrator in your organisation.

Perform the following steps on your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Open the site.
  3. Click on the appropriate button to download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

    The minimum supported version of iOS or Android is specified at the description of the app.

  4. Install the app.
  5. Enter your (work) email address or Profit user name.

    If you are using AFAS Online, your username always starts with the participant number, for example 12345.keesz.

  6. Enter the environment key. The Profit administrator in your organisation will give you this.


    You can scan a QR code instead of manually entering the code as from Profit 6 in combination with AFAS Pocket version 1.02.74 or higher.

  7. Click on: Log in.

    You receive an email message containing a code for one-time use. If you do not get a message, contact the system administrator in your own organisation.

  8. Go back to AFAS Pocket and log in using the one-time code.

    Enter a PIN code to be used to secure AFAS Pocket.

Additional information:

In the AFAS Pocket settings, you have the following options:

  • Change languages
  • Record a different PIN code
  • View the support code. In the case of an error message, AFAS Support may ask you for a support code to search for the error message.
  • Refresh configuration

    It may be the case that settings that are changed in Profit Windows are not immediately implemented in Pocket App. This can, for example, occur if you change the settings of a leave type. Select Settings/Refresh configuration to immediately have available the new settings in AFAS Pocket.

You can, of course, also use AFAS Pocket if you have a connection with a Wi-Fi network.

  • If this does not work correctly, the network administrator must whitelist the (IP address.
  • The administrator must whitelist (IP to accept messages and to use the new sign-on method.

Directly to

  1. Pocket App
  2. Install AFAS Pocket on a smartphone or tablet
  3. Exit AFAS Pocket
  4. Configure and manage AFAS Pocket


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