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Configure AFAS Pocket

You configure AFAS Pocket per environment and you specify which users are allowed to use AFAS Pocket. You also specify which components of AFAS Pocket you are going to use.

AFAS Pocket and the new sign-on method

AFAS Online customers will switch to the new sign-on method in phases as from 15 June 2018. AFAS Pocket plays an essential role within this context. After all, you use AFAS Pocket when signing on based on two-factor authorisation.

If you only use Pocket for two-factor authentication, you do not have to configure Pocket. Your users download the app and they also activate AFAS Pocket during the first sign-on for two-factor authentication.

If you want to use AFAS Pocket as an ERP tool, you must implement the configuration in Profit.

Configuration in Profit:



Install AFAS Pocket on your smartphone

Use AFAS Pocket on your smartphone


In AFAS Pocket, activate the components you want to use. These components must have been configured. Some points of attention are given below:

  • Configure claims

    You link cost types and wage components so that actual costing lines can be forwarded to payroll.

  • Add cost type for kilometre registration (travelling costs)

    You link this cost type in the properties of a AFAS Pocket App.

  • Configure Workflows

    If you want to use the leave, absence or declarations functionality, you must configure the corresponding workflows. The supplied workflows are used for this. The supplied dossier item types are identified by a negative code (for example -5) and the addition of (Profit) to the name.

    For leave, you always need a leave type of the composite type. You link this leave type in the properties of a AFAS Pocket App.

  • Configuring project actual costing

    You must configure this component so that users can enter actual costing lines. You need an hour type with code '1'. It is an obvious decision to add an hour type including the Worked hour type.



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