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Costs are things you want to charge to your customers. Examples include kilometres, drawings, reports, lunches, contributions to shipping costs, etc. You can track costs for purchases and sales, but you cannot track their stock. You can of course invoice them and include them in quotations.

You can use costs in Profit Order management and Profit Projecten.

To add costs:

  1. Go to:
    • Order Management / Item / Configuration / Costs
    • Projects / Item / Costs.
  2. Click on: New

  3. Enter an Item code and a Description.
  4. Select the Changeable description check box if, for example, you still want to be able to change the description when adding an order.
  5. If applicable, select the Integration group. When preparing overviews, you can use this for grouping costs.
  6. Select the Basic unit. You record the order lines expressed in this basic unit. You can later on deviate from the basic unit, if necessary.
  7. Select the VAT rate group. Based on this, among other things, Profit determines the VAT for the invoice.
  8. Complete the remaining fields.
  9. Click on: Next.
  10. Select the Charge check box, if you want Profit to charge the surcharge for small order costs on an invoice. 

    In the following windows you can enter a detailed explanation for the cost type and add an image.

  11. Complete the remaining fields.
  12. Complete the wizard.

Directly to

  1. Item management
  2. Configuration
  3. Article
  4. Work type
  5. Assembled item
  6. Packagings and returnable packaging
  7. Costs
  8. Text
  9. Unit
  10. Serial article
  11. Lot article
  12. Cumulative entry
  13. Groupings



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