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Articles are tangible goods that you can keep in stock. It is not mandatory to track the stock; you decide per article whether or not to track the stock. You specify for each article group if articles for which the stock is tracked are permitted.

You do this to avoid having to configure all sorts of unnecessary things for every article group, such as recording the ledger accounts relating to stock. After all, the stock is compressed per article group for journalising. Thus, in order to add an article for which you track the stock, this new article should be linked to an article group that allows tracked articles.

An article has generic features that are also found in other item types (work type, costs, etc.), such as code, description, prices, etc. In addition to these, an article has specific properties, such as stock data, weight, prices, etc.



When adding an article in Profit, always start by specifying the basic data. Per article, you specify whether or not the stock of the article will be tracked. You can generate order proposals for articles for which the stock is tracked. This means that Profit comes up with a proposal for new purchase orders. For this, Profit can take into account any outstanding sales orders and the existing stock. You then specify the settlement price, the cost price and the basic purchase price and sales price. These are default prices that you can deviate from by using scales and discounts.

Always specify a preferred purchase contact for an article. This is the purchase contact from whom you normally order the article. Profit uses the preferred purchase contact when generating order proposals. You can also add multiple purchase contacts to the article, with specific article information from the purchase contact, such as the purchase contact's own article code and article descriptions, the barcode, the delivery time, the number of units and the order unit. This also applies for multiple sales contacts.

You can also link packaging to an article. Packagings are articles with the Packaging feature. For a packaging you can specify if it is returnable packaging, etc.

Finally, you can add a memo text and an image to the article. You can show these in the view and print them on the various purchase and sales reports (quotation, sales order, etc).


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