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Record a dossier item

All communication and activities taking place between your contacts and you are recorded in the digital dossier. This means you can at all times see who has discussed and done what. For most users, the dossier occupies an important place in your organisation.


In Profit, you can maintain dossiers in which you can record all kinds of data. With dossier items, you create in fact a digital archive that you can view at all times, also usingInSite.

If you record a dossier item for an organisation, this item is shown for all contact types belonging to this organisation. If you record a dossier item for a person, this item is shown for all contact types of this person. If you record a dossier item for a contact, this item is shown for the organisation, not for the person. If you submit a dossier item for multiple contacts of a project, all these contacts are shown in the Dossier view for the project.


An exception to this are dossier items that were submitted for an Employee only (meaning only the With regard to check box was selected under Employee when the dossier item was selected). If no other check boxes were selected, these dossier items are only shown for the employee. But if you also selected With regard to under Person, the dossier items are shown everywhere.

You can record dossier items in several ways:

  • Central dossier view
  • At the destinations on the Dossier tab
  • Via (My) InSite
  • From Microsoft Office, using the Profit Office Connector


  • Note (default procedure)

    The simplest form of a dossier item is an item of the Note type.

  • Action

    In Profit you can record actions in a dossier and follow up on them. To do this you can use the Action default dossier item type that comes with the product.

  • Incoming mail

    You can add incoming items (e.g. PDF documents and scanned letters) to the dossier of organisations and persons. This way you can retrieve these dossier items at a later moment.

  • Outgoing mail

    You can record letters, mailings and e-mail messages you send in the dossier.

  • Record a dossier item using Multiselect

    You can record a dossier item for multiple organisations, persons, contact persons or employees at the same time. At the same time you can also generate a mailing and save the merge letter for every separate addressee.

  • Add a Word document to a dossier

    Using the Profit Office Connector, it takes only one press of a button to add a document from Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel or PowerPoint to a dossier.

  • Appointment
  • In Profit Calendar you can add a once-only or a recurring appointment. Other Profit users that you invite will automatically receive an invitation. The invitee can either accept or reject the invitation.

    If you make an appointment with a contact, a dossier item of the Appointment type is immediately added to the contact's dossier. (If an appointment only appears in the user's calendar, the appointment is not displayed as an item in his or her dossier.)

  • Schedule a dossier item as an appointment

    A reason for entering dossier items in  Profit Calendar can be to schedule the completion of a dossier item on a particular date.

  • Sub-dossier item

    A sub-dossier is a dossier that belongs to a dossier item that has been submitted.

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