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Add a Microsoft Word document to the dossier

Using the Profit Office Connector, it takes only one press of a button to add a document from Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel or PowerPoint to a dossier.


To be able to use this functionality, you have to install and set up the Profit Office Connector (InSite).

The procedure with Microsoft Outlook is slightly different because in that case the dossier item destination is already proposed on the basis of the e-mail address of the addressee.

To add a Microsoft Word document to a dossier:

In this example you will add a letter created in Microsoft Word to the dossier of the Accento Consultants B.V. sales contact.

  1. Go to: Microsoft Word.
  2. Create the document.
  3. Click on: Record.  

    The dossier item wizard, which you use to add the document to Profit, will then start. You may need to log on again first.

  4. Select a value for Dossier item type.
  5. Select a value for Type.
  6. Select a value for Organisation and Contact.

    Profit automatically enters the location of the dossier item in the Attachment field. You cannot change this field.

    A comment is shown in the Contents field which you can record in the document properties.

  7. Click on: Create.

In Profit, you can always retrieve files that you have added using the Profit Office Connector on the Dossier tab in the properties of the destination.

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