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A sub-dossier is a dossier that belongs to a dossier item that has been submitted.


Suppose that you are in regular contact with your purchase contact about the purchase invoices that you receive from them. You record the purchase invoices in Profit as a dossier item with an attachment. To keep track of what has been discussed, you want to be able to record a Note dossier item for every specific invoice.

This Note dossier item will automatically become available for all dossier item types.

You can open the sub-dossier from the tab with the same name in the properties of the dossier item. Whether or not you find a Sub-dossier tab for a dossier item, depends on the tab authorisation by dossier. If you are allowed to add a dossier item type according to the data filter authorisation by dossier, you are also authorised to add the type as a sub-dossier.


As soon as you have configured a main dossier item type with the option to add it to another dossier item, you will be able to add this main dossier item type anywhere, to all dossier items, regardless of the type.

So if for the Documents (Payroll) main dossier item type you also select Dossier item as a destination, you can also add this dossier item type as a sub-dossier item to the Purchase invoice dossier item type. This is not always advisable, because the main dossier item types could be linked to a destination like Employer.

It can be more sensible to create a specific dossier item type for the specific purpose of adding notes as a sub-dossier.

To record a sub-dossier item:

  1. Add a dossier item type

    Add a dossier item type. Ensure that on the Destination Extra tab the Dossier item option has been set to optional or mandatory. For all dossier items that you add, regardless of the type, it will from then on be possible to add this new sub-dossier item type.

  2. Add a sub-dossier item

    Open the properties of the dossier item, go to the Sub-dossier tab and click on New. Complete recording the dossier item in your usual way.

  3. View a sub-dossier item

    Open the properties of the intended (main) dossier item, go to the Sub-dossier tab and open the properties of the sub-dossier item.

  4. Change a sub-dossier item

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