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Record an action

In Profit you can record actions in a dossier and follow up on them. To do this you can use the Action default dossier item type that comes with the product.

In order to clarify the purpose of the action, you also record the specific activity in the Action type field, for example: follow-up call, make appointment, look up information, etc. You can configure these values yourself by selecting CRM / Dossier / Configuration / Action type.

Action type is a field that you can use for filtering. For instance, if you use this field to filter in the central dossier view (the view that contains all dossier items) you can create a kind of digital action (to-do) list. In this way, you can also construct a personal action list: by adjusting the central view of dossiers so that you filter on the employee responsible using the Resp. person field. You can view this action list at all times, also in InSite.

To record an 'Action' dossier item:

  1. Go to: CRM / Dossier / Dossier.

    Profit displays all dossier items with the exception of those for which you have no authorisation.

  2. Click on: New
  3. Select the dossier item type Action.
  4. Complete the fields.

    In With regard to, select the user for whom the dossier item is intended. You can only select from the options that belong to this dossier item type. Furthermore, you can no longer select the destination type that you chose for Select client record / Type. Using this field you can filter in the dossier tabs/view.

  5. Click on: Next
  6. Go to Subject and enter a clear description of the dossier item so that the dossier item is easy to find in a view.
  7. Enter the contents of the action in Comment.
  8. Click on: Next.  
  9. Complete the fields. These are important for the action list:   
    • Go to Resp. person and select the person responsible for completing this action.
    • Go to Action type and select the follow-up action.
    • Enter a value in Start date. The begin date is the date when the action is started (or should be started). The date and time of recording are suggested as the preferred start date and time but you are free to select another date and time.
    • If necessary, go to End date and select the end date of the dossier item.
    • Select the Completed check box if the dossier item has been completed. 
  10. Click on: Finish

The Action dossier item has been recorded. The dossier item now appears in the central dossier view.

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