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Dossier item (mailing) for multiple organisations, persons or employees

You can record a dossier item for multiple organisations, persons, contact persons or employees at the same time. At the same time you can also generate a mailing and save the merge letter for every separate addressee.

Before you start sending out bulk e-mail messages to your customers, they have to give you permission to do so. You arrange this by asking your customers for permission to send e-mail.

To send letters and record them in the dossier:

  1. Go to:
    • CRM / Organisation/person / Contact,
    • CRM / Organisation/person / Organisation/person
    • HR / Employee / Employee
    • Order Management / Sales / Sales contact

    These functions allow you to submit a dossier item from the view.

  2. Press: CTRL+S. This displays the selection column allowing you to select the check boxes for lines.
  3. Select the lines for the persons or organisations for which you want to create a document.

    Press: Ctrl+A if you want to select all lines.

  4. Click on the action: File item(s).
  5. Click on Yes in the message.
  6. Select Outgoing mail in Dossier item type.
  7. Click repeatedly on: Next.
  8. Enter the Subject.
  9. You can select the Specify separately per destination check box.

    If you select this check box, every generated letter is saved in the dossier as a separate item. If you do not select this check box, a copy of the document layout is saved per dossier item. This saves memory space, but the letters are not 'literally' saved in the dossier.

  10. Click on: Next
  11. Select Print document and record in file in Target.
  12. Click on: Next
  13. Select the document layout and the sender.

  14. Click on: Finish

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