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Record a note (standard procedure)

The simplest form of a dossier item is an item of the Note type.

You can add a note from the central dossier view or directly to the organisation/person.

To record a note in the central dossier view:


We are going to record a dossier item of the Note type in the dossier of the sales contact . You also want to show this dossier item in the Organisation/person dossier and in the project.

  1. Go to: CRM / Dossier / Dossier.

    You now see the dossier view with all kinds of dossier items that have been recorded.

  2. Click on: New
  3. Go to Dossier item type and select the type of dossier item that you want to record. For example, Note or Document.
  4. Select the Save in organisation/person client record check box if you really want the new dossier item to be added to a dossier. Now the fields below become changeable.
  5. Enter a value in Type. First consider which (type of) organisation or person you actually want to record the dossier item for. Sales contact : In this case, for Type, select Sales contact.
  6. Go to Destination to search and select the final person or organisation. In our example this would be .
  7. Go to With regard to and select the subject of the dossier item.

    You can only select from the options that are associated with this dossier item type. Furthermore, you can no longer select the destination type that you chose for Select client record / Type. Using this field you can filter in the dossier tabs/view.

  8. Click on: Next

    The subsequent screen Destination Extra (optional) only appears for destinations that are not of the Organisation or Person types, nor sub-types of these types. For example, Projects.

  9. Go to Project and select the project. In the example this would be .
  10. Click on: Next

    In the subsequent screen you are going to create the actual dossier item. In this example, you are going to create a note.

  11. Go to Subject and enter a clear description of the dossier item so that the dossier item is easy to find in a view.
  12. Enter the content of the note in Comment.
  13. Click on: Next.   

    In the subsequent screen you can link an attachment, such as a PDF file, a Microsoft Word file or a Microsoft Excel file.

  14. If applicable, link a file in Attachment.
  15. Click on: Finish

You have now recorded a note in the dossier.

To record a note for a sales contact/debtor:

  1. Go to: Financial / Debtor / Debtor.
  2. Select the debtor..
  3. Click on the action: File item(s).

    There are two other ways to achieve the same goal:

    • Open the properties window, go to the Destination tab and click on New.
    • Open the properties window and click on Actions (F8) /Dossier item.
  4. Select  for Dossier item type.
  5. Click on: Next
  6. Click on: Next.
  7. Go to Sales invoice and select the sales invoice if the note refers to a specific sales invoice of this debtor.
  8. Click on: Next until you come to the below window.
  9. Enter the subject and the content of the note (comment).
  10. Click on Next several times and then click on Finish to complete the wizard.

Profit automatically puts the note in the debtor's dossier.

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