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Response template

Users can submit a response to a dossier item. If the response is often the same, you add a template in which you include a large part of the text. You select this template when adding a response. The text can then still be modified. You add response templates in the properties of the dossier item types.


Authorise a response template

You can authorise the access of users and/or authorisation groups to the Response templates tab in the dossier item type properties for the purposes of separation of duties.

To authorise a response template:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Select the user or user group.
  3. Go to the tab: Authorisation.
  4. Go to: CRM / Dossier / File type / Tabs.
  5. Select the Response templates tab.
  6. Select Maintain for Authorisation of the selected item:.

  7. Close the Authorisation tool.
  8. Click on Yes in the message.

    De omgeving opent automatisch opnieuw, met de nieuwe instellingen.

Add a response template

To add a response template:

  1. Go to: CRM / Dossier / Configuration / Dossier item type.
  2. Open the properties of the dossier item type..
  3. Go to the tab: Response templates.
  4. Click on: New.
  5. Enter the name of the response template.
  6. Select a value for Preferred response visible.

    Here you can specify that the response is only visibleInternal or External and internal.

  7. Enter the response text.
  8. Click on: Finish.
Use response templates

To use a response template:

  1. Open InSite.
  2. Open the dossier item (for instance, usingMy InSite / All dossier items).
  3. Go to: the page sectionResponse.
  4. Select a value for Response template.
  5. Click on: Insert text.
  6. Change the text and add an attachment to the response if necessary.
  7. Specify whether the response is Internal or External and is visible internally.
  8. Click on: Place a response.

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