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Action type

Action type is an extra field in a dossier item type that you use for filtering. You configure the table to your own personal preferences.

Example: Simple action list

Add the Action type field to the Action dossier item type. Next, add the options Follow-up call, Make appointment, Search for information, etc. After this, you add the Action type field to a new view in CRM / Dossier / Dossier. You filter this view by Action type. You now have a simple action list. If you also always complete the Resp. person and Source data fields for this dossier item, you can also filter the new view by actions you are personally responsible for.

To add an action type:

  1. Go to: CRM / Dossier / Configuration / Action type.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Complete the fields.
  4. Click on: Finish.

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