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Authorise a dossier

You can authorise dossier items in several ways.


The authorisation for the Receivers tab also applies to the Destination tab.


Organisations and persons are centrally registered in Profit CRM. In addition, there are derived types, such as employers, sales contacts, purchase contacts and IB clients. Derived types are always linked to an organisation or person in Profit CRM. If, for example, you add a sales contact, an organisation with the general data of the sales contact is created in Profit CRM.

Because of this setup, it can happen that a dossier item for a certain type is also visible with linked records. If, for example, you add a dossier item to a sales contact, this is also visible with the linked organisation. This is not always desirable, for example, because the dossier item may contain confidential information. This is why you can limit access to dossier items.

A filter is automatically applied to certain dossier items, in other situations you must limit access yourself.

If you do not apply authorisation to dossier items, access is as follows:

  • Dossier items available for linked types

    Access does not depend on the type of organisation or person for which the dossier item was submitted, or the Display in file field.

    An exception applies to employees: by default, a dossier item for an employee can only be viewed via the properties of the employee. This does not apply if, when submitting a dossier item for an employee, you indicate that this dossier item should also be available for the person.


    Adjust the filters for the views if you do not want all the dossier items recorded for an organisation or person to be visible everywhere.

  • Dossier items in CRM / Dossier / Dossier

    This is the default maintenance function for dossier items. The view in this function only shows dossier items of the following types:

    • Financial report
    • Incoming mail
    • Outgoing mail
    • Note
    • Document (Profit)
    • Action
    • All dossier item types that you add yourself

    Other types are only shown at their destination. Dossier items in the workflow are shown for the user who must complete the workflow.

  • A task in the workflow has priority over filter authorisation.

    A dossier item can be an archive item or a workflow dossier item. This distinction is important. Normally you would use filter authorisation to ensure that a user cannot view certain dossier item types.


    A user does not have the rights to view a dossier item of the Claim type; these dossier items are shielded via filter authorisation. This means that he cannot view dossier items of this type anywhere, except if this dossier item ends up with him via a task in the workflow. In this case the dossier item is shown.




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