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Feature group

A feature group is a combination of a dossier item type, a workflow and a maximum of three feature values. The feature value makes sure that the submitted dossier item goes into the correct workflow.

Even if you do not want to add features, you have to record a feature group to have InSite and OutSite work properly. In that case, you add features to be able to link the workflow to the dossier item type. This is also required if only one workflow has been added to the dossier item.


  • Authorise feature groups

  • Add a feature group

    If you work with features, you can start a specific workflow based on the features that the user selects when submitting the dossier item. You can link up to three feature values to the feature group.

  • Examples of feature group operation

    In this example you are going to define feature groups to start different workflows, based on three different dossier item types (Complaint, Tip and Note) and features at three levels (Department, Kind, Type).

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