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Configure a dossier

Before you can compile the digital dossier, you first have to add various data.


  • Configure a dossier in InSite

    You must make the dossier items available for use in InSite. In addition, you create page types and authorise the functionality.

  • Add a dossier item type

    In dossiers and workflows, you can use the dossier item types supplied as defaults or types that you add yourself.

  • Features of a dossier item type

    You use features for recording dossier items, for selection purposes or for starting a workflow.

  • Feature group

    A feature group is a combination of a dossier item type, a workflow and a maximum of three feature values. The feature value makes sure that the submitted dossier item goes into the correct workflow.

  • Add source data

    You can use a source data element to indicate where data originates.

  • Add a response template

    Users can submit a response to a dossier item. If the response is often the same, you add a template in which you include a large part of the text.

  • Add an action type

    Action type is an extra field in a dossier item type that you use for filtering. You configure the table to your own personal preferences.

  • Link a print report to a dossier type

    Bij elk dossieritemtype selecteert u een rapport dat gebruikt wordt als u dossieritems van dit type afdrukt.

  • Authorise a dossier

    You can authorise dossier items in several ways.

  • Preferred values for dossier fields

    Field settings determine the behaviour of fields, for instance if a field is mandatory, if it is changeable, or if it has a certain (changeable) preferred value. The administrator can record field settings that apply for all users. Use field settings to optimise daily processes, prevent errors and increase the consistency of your company data.

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