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Record multiple destinations for a dossier item

The destination of a dossier item determines the dossier in which you can view the item. You can select multiple destinations. For example, if you select Employee and Course as destinations, you can open the submitted dossier item from the employee and course dossier.


You want to record questions from customers as a dossier item using a workflow. The questions must have a fixed destination so that they can be retrieved from the dossier of the destination.

The mandatory destination of the question from customers is therefore the organisation/person in Profit. When you submit the question, you must select an organisation/person. This means you can always find the question in the dossier of the organisation/person.

By default, all destinations for the dossier item type are set to Not allowed. This means that you cannot add dossier items of this type to the dossier of the destination in question. You can determine the setting per destination yourself.

You can record a dossier item at several destinations. To do so, you select multiple lines in a view. It is important that you select the Specify separately per destination check box.

To submit dossier items for several destinations:

In this example we submit a dossier item for multiple projects. This works the same for all destinations.

  1. Go to: Projects / Project / Project.
  2. Press: [Ctrl+S].
  3. Select the projects for which you want to submit the dossier item.
  4. Click on the action: File item(s).

    You now see the message that the action may take some time.

  5. Click on Yes in the message if you want to perform the action.
  6. Select the dossier item type.
  7. Click on: Next.
  8. Enter the subject.
  9. Select the Specify separately per destination check box, so the dossier item is populated with the document including the customer data. This means that a separate document is saved in the database for each individual destination.

    This option is deselected by default, and in that case only the regular document is added, without any customer-related data. This means that only one file is saved. If you delete this document for one destination, it is deleted for all destinations.

  10. If required, enter a comment.
  11. Click on: Next.

    You can now complete the available fields. The dossier item type determines which fields are available.

  12. Click on: Next.
  13. Complete the fields. 

    Which fields and tabs are available depends on the configuration of the dossier item type. You can now, for example, select an attachment or a target to specify what you want to do with the dossier item.

  14. Complete the wizard.

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