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There are various views and functions you can use to view articles. The Item cockpit provides the most information you need in your daily work.

To view the Article cockpit:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Item cockpit.
  2. You can set a filter to view the required details. For example, a filter on article group.

  3. Open the properties of the article.
  4. You can view any quotation lines or invoice lines in which this item appears, in the corresponding entry layout:
    1. Go to the tab: Sales invoice lines or Sales quotation lines.
    2. Double-click on a line.

      You now see the entry layout to which the line corresponds. You cannot change anything here.

    3. Click on: Cancel.
  5. Close the Article cockpit.

Directly to

  1. Article
  2. Add an article
  3. View articles
  4. Change an article
  5. Copy an article
  6. Set up a replacement article
  7. Set up an article using a stock profile
  8. Block an article
  9. Set up a graduated order scale and a minimum quantity check
  10. Import multiple images for articles
  11. Change an item code
  12. Print article details



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