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Change an article

You can view and change an article.

A number of article properties, such as the item code and the article type (default article, lot article, etc), cannot be changed once the article has been added. You can, however, copy the article and block the existing article.

To view/change an article:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  2. Open the properties of the article.
  3. Go to the tab: General.
  4. If applicable, change the Description.

    If the article is part of an assembled item of the assembly type, the system asks if you want to change the description there as well.

  5. If applicable, change the Article group. If you change this, first journalise the stock entries for the old article group.
  6. If applicable, select a warehouse location in Location.

    If you have configured this, Profit suggests this location, for example for a goods receipt or a stock transfer. Unless you have set something for article dimension or warehouse allocation. In that case the location set there takes precedence for the proposal. In addition, a location in which stock is already present also takes precedence.

    However, you can always deviate from this priority. If the functionality has not been configured, this selection is purely for informational purposes.

  7. If applicable, select or deselect the Track stock check box. You can only change this check box under the following conditions:
    • The stock for the article is zero.
    • The article is not listed in a sales/purchase order, assembled item, or assembly (preparation).
    • No entries have been made for the article yet.


    If the Track stock check box is deselected and you select it, you must also take stock. After all, up to the time of your selection, Profit was not tracking stock entries for this article.

  8. If applicable, increase the number in Number of decimals. This setting of this field is used for the number in order lines and invoice lines, etc.


    Once the stock is taken, the number can no longer be decreased.

  9. Go to the tab: Stock/article type. You cannot change the article type.
  10. If applicable, change the Sub-article type or the CBS-gegevens.
  11. Adjust the other data.
  12. Go to the tab: Purchase contact.
  13. Add one or more purchase contacts.
  14. Click on: Finish

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