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Check for the graduated order scale and minimum quantities

There are often agreements about the minimum quantity of articles to be purchased or sold and about graduated order scales (multiples of a certain quantity). You can set up Profit so that these quantities are checked when (basic) orders and quotations are added.

When adding/maintaining an article, you can record the Graduated order scale and the minimum purchase quantity. You can also specify that you want these fields checked when basic and other orders and quotations are added.

Profit also carries out this check when order proposals (purchase) are generated and when order proposals are generated for the day preparation (Bakeries sales).

On the Purchase contacts and Sales contacts tabs of the article master data, you record the minimum quantity and the graduated order scale. These fields are also available in the entry layout for assembled items.

Profit checks if the number of units specified on the line is equal to or greater than the Minimum quantity that you have recorded on the Purchase contacts and Sales contacts tabs of the articles. Profit also checks if the quantity entered is a multiple of the graduated order scale. If you did not record any values on the tabs of the purchase and sales contact, the check is performed based on the values you entered on the Units per item tab.


If a direct relationship exists between a sales order and a purchase order (in case of a delivery by the supplier to the customer), Profit always copies the number of units from the sales order, even if this does not meet the minimum quantity and graduated order scale requirements. In this case you cannot change the quantity either.

Training video:

To enter quantities and record checks:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  2. Open the properties of the article.
  3. Go to the tab: Extra.
  4. Select the Manual sales check check box.
  5. Select the Manual purchases check check box.
  6. Click on: OK
  7. Go to the tab: Purchase contacts.
  8. Open the properties of the purchase contact.
  9. Go to the tab: Graduated order scale.
  10. Enter the Graduated order scale.
  11. Enter the Minimum purchase quantity.
  12. Click on: OK.
  13. Go to the tab: Sales contacts.
  14. Open the properties of the sales contact.
  15. Go to the tab: Graduated order scale.
  16. Complete the fields.
  17. Click on: OK

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