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Set up an article with a stock profile

You can change the stock settings of an article. You can link an article to a stock profile or record deviating stock settings. A stock profile provides you easy insight into how Profit manages which articles, in terms of stock checks, order proposals and the allocation of purchase orders to sales orders.

To set up an article for stock management:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  2. Open the properties of the article..
  3. Go to the tab: Stock.
  4. Select a value for Stock profile if you want to link the article to a (different) stock profile for managing the stock.

    Stock profiles enable you to standardise your stock management and to easily see what articles Profit checks and replenishes. You can select from the Profit profiles supplied as well as from any stock profiles you have added yourself.

    If you do not select a stock profile, you can set the stock management options manually instead. However, it is possible that this means that you may lose track of your stock flows. This is why Profit checks whether your manual settings comply with an existing stock profile and, if this is the case, Profit will then still link the stock profile in question.

    If you do not select a stock profile, you must complete the fields manually:

    1. Select a value for Stock check if you want Profit to check whether there is sufficient stock when a sales order and/or packing slip is added. If necessary, view the explanation of the various options for stock control. The default selection here is Check for available stock (sales order and packing slip); this is the strictest control.
    2. Select a value for Delivery sequence if you want Profit to adhere to a specific sequence when issuing lot or serial number articles. This delivery sequence does not apply to normal articles and you cannot select it for normal articles.
    3. Select a value for Order proposal with sales if you want Profit to suggest the quantities you sell for the purchase orders. If necessary, view the explanation of the various options for the order proposal.
    4. Select the Stock replenishment check box if you want Profit to automatically propose the placement of certain purchase orders to replenish the stock up to a certain level. In that case, also complete Minimum stock and Supplement to. Please refer to Order proposal per article with stock replenishment.
  5. In Allocate in sales, select whether or not you want to allocate sales orders automatically to purchase orders or that Profit should ask a question about this.
  6. If you have opted for automatic allocation, in Allocate pending orders select whether you also want to allocate the pending orders.
  7. Enter a value in Minimum stock. Profit automatically generates order proposals if the minimum stock for the article is reached.
  8. Enter a value in Supplement to. If the economic stock (stock + on order - reserved) falls below the minimum entered above, Profit uses order proposals to replenish the stock up to the level you enter here.
  9. Select the Warehouse allocation check box if you work with multiple warehouses and you only want to store this article in certain warehouses.
  10. Click on: OK.

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