Order proposal per article with stock replenishment

In addition to sales orders, you can also have order proposals generated based on the stock replenishment set for the article.

Profit automatically generates order proposals if the minimum stock for the article is reached.

The economic stock is used as the basis for the stock replenishment. If the economic stock falls below the specified minimum, the stock is replenished up to the quantity specified in the Supplement to field. If you use order units, the order proposal is always rounded to whole order units. The quantity can therefore be higher than the quantity you have specified in the Supplement to field.

Profit calculates the economic stock by adding the quantity On order to and subtracting the quantity Reserved from the stock. (Economic stock = stock + on order - reserved)


Stock quantity



Econom. stock

Minimum stock

To order















When configuring an article, you can specify if stock replenishment should be used. You can also choose only to update the stock based on sales orders.

You can specify the stock replenishment settings per warehouse. Par article, you specify in which warehouses it can be stored.

A condition is that the stock of the article is being tracked.

To set up order proposals per article with stock replenishment:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  2. Open the properties of the article.
  3. Go to the tab: General.
  4. Check the Track stock check box to see if the stock of the article is being tracked.
  5. Go to the tab: Stock.

  6. In Stock profile, select a stock profile that includes stock replenishment, for example Always in stock, High turnover rate / Bulk purchase or Small qty in stock, purch large orders immediately.
  7. If you do not select a stock profile, you must set the fields manually:
    1. Select an option in Order proposal for sales if you want to immediately generate order proposals for sales lines as well.
    2. Select the Stock replenishment check box.
    3. If applicable, select an option in Stock check.
  8. Enter a value in Minimum stock.
  9. Enter a value in Supplement to. Profit replenishes the stock via order proposals up to the level that you enter here.
  10. Go to the tab: Purchase contacts.
  11. Check if a purchase contact has been added. If multiple purchase contacts are present, select the Preferred purchase contact check box in the properties of one of the purchase contacts. The article will be ordered from this purchase contact.
  12. Save the settings.

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