Cost estimate and quotations

A clear cost estimate provides transparency for you and the client. You use the cost estimate to gain insight in the number of hours and the quantity of materials that can be used for a project.

You create the project planning and make a quotation for the customer or the principal. You can then use the cost estimate as the budget for the forecast, to be able to manage the hours of projects.

You can use cost estimates for various purposes:

  • To compare the actual costing figures with the cost estimate figures during the course of the project.
  • To create a quotation. You can send it as a document to the customer.
  • As forecasts for (man) hours to be planned.


You can register the cost estimate/quotation in the following ways:

Record a cost estimate with integration

Pro_Voorcalculatie en offertes integratie (10)

  • Enter a cost estimate in Profit Projects.
  • Using a forecast from Profit CRM. You can record a quotation and cost estimate for a forecast. You can convert a scored forecast into a new project. This way, you copy the master data, quotation, cost estimate and dossier from the CRM forecast to a project.
  • You can use sales lines to copy data from a sales quotation, basic order, order and packing slip in Profit Order management.

In the cost estimate, in addition to work types and costs, you can also use item types, such as articles, assembled items, lot articles and serialised articles.

Here, Profit Projecten and Profit Order management use the same master data and carry out the same checks, like reserving stock and/or generating order advices, receiving goods and collecting articles for a project or project (phase) on a packing slip.


  • Configure cost estimates

    Configuring the cost estimate functionality consists of defining the various entry layouts and setting up the numbering for the cost estimates. You specify which method you want to use in the project settings.

  • Configure Print or e-mail cost estimates and quotations

    You specify whether the customer should receive an e-mail or a cost estimate/quotation by post in the sales contact profile and the sales contact itself.


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