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Configure report e-mailing and printing

You can send reports, such as quotations and invoices, to your contacts by e-mail or printed on paper. In addition, you can issue invoices as e-invoices, a file format that the receiving party can import directly into their software. For this, Profit takes account of the preferences of your contacts.


A separate description is available for e-mailing and printing pay slips and annual statements.



Profit includes supplied reports (layouts) for all quotations, orders, invoices, etc. that you need in the sales process. You can change these yourself, for example for normal sales, counter/direct invoices, credit invoices, international invoices, etc.

You issue these reports to your contacts, either by e-mail or in printed form by regular mail.

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If you select e-mail, then the report is added as an attachment in PDF format. In the case of an invoice by e-mail, Profit can also add an attachment in UBL format, the so-called e-invoice.

As far as the configuration is concerned, if you only print the reports and send them by mail to your contacts (the most expensive and least efficient method), you only have to set up the contacts. Profit prints the reports on your local printer. You can configure the queue functionality if you want to use it for printing.

If you use the faster e-mail method, you also have to configure e-mail settings and, if necessary, you can change the template for the e-mail message.

For issuing sales invoices as e-invoices, Profit only needs your bank account for e-invoicing.

For each purchase/sales contact, you set their preferred method of receiving the reports. Profit automatically takes this preference into account, but you can always deviate from it if that is required in a particular situation.

You also set the general contact person to whom the reports will be sent. For each specific report type, you can set a deviating issue method and contact person.


In the sales contact profile, you therefore specify that you generally send quotations, orders, etc., as PDFs by e-mail to the Purchase Department of company X.

For the sales invoices, you set it so that you send these as e-invoices to the Financial administration of company X.

The Output action automatically takes into account the Preferred issue method that you set for the contact. The entry layout also checks this setting. If you have set it so that an e-mail prompt must be displayed, but the sales contact has 'Print' as its preferred issue method, then the prompt will not appear. From the entry layout, you can only issue one report (quotation, invoice).


If you issue a report to the contact using the preferred issue method, that report is Completely processed.

If the contact has 'E-mail PDF' as the preference, and you e-mail a quotation to this contact using the E-mail or Output action, the line is completely processed. If you print the line using the Print action, then it is not. One exception to this is that when supplying using the Output wizard, the Completely processed field is always set to Yes. Also (if applicable), the PrintedMailed and Dossier fields are set to Yes.



  • Authorisation

    Configure the authorisation of this section, so that the right users have access to the required functions and data.

  • Configure the queue for printing reports

    If you opt to print the reports for specific sales or purchase contacts, then you can put the generated print file in a 'queue'. The advantage is that you can continue working in that case.

  • Configure report e-mailing

    You can use Profit to e-mail documents for parts of the order process and invoices as PDF files. The customer receives an e-mail message with a default text and the report (for example, the invoice) as an attachment in PDF format. You can change the default text of the e-mail messages in Profit. E-mailing credit invoices is configured separately.

  • Configure a sales contact for e-mailing and printing

    You record the basic configuration for e-mailing and printing reports for the sales contacts in the sales contact profile. You then record the sales contact's and contact's preference. Finally, for each report you can still deviate from this preference and, if necessary, add a different or an extra contact.

  • Configure a purchase contact for e-mailing and printing

    You record the basic configuration for printing and e-mailing reports to purchase contacts in the purchase contact profile. You then record the purchase contact's preference and the contact person. Finally, for each report you can still deviate from this preference and, if necessary, add a different or an extra contact.

  • Change a view for processing

    You can expand the views for quotations, packing slips, etc., with the Printed, E-mail processed and Completely processed fields to see whether, and if so, which orders/packing slips, etc., have been completely processed. You can use this, for instance, to see whether or not the lines have been completely processed after completion of the Output wizard.

  • Configure e-mailing and printing in an entry layout

    For each part of the process (quotation, goods receipt, sales order, invoice, etc.) you can use the entry layout to specify how it should be issued to the contact: by e-mail or in print. Here you can set, for instance, whether you always or never want an order to be e-mailed, or that a question should appear.

  • E-mail and print reports (usage)

    You issue reports (quotations, orders, invoices, etc.) to your contacts by e-mail or you print them.

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Configure report e-mailing and printing

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