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E-mail and/or print quotations in bulk using the Output action

You can use the Output wizard to select and print or e-mail multiple quotations.

The Output wizard can take the preferred issue method for each contact into account (e-mail, printing). You can also deviate from this setting, by issuing all lines in one way. For example, by e-mailing or printing all of them. You can also select a deviating report and (in case of e-mail) a deviating message template for all lines.

In the Output wizard, you can specify whether you only want to e-mail/print unprocessed lines, or the entire selection. After completing the Output wizard, the lines always have the Completely processed status.

Finally, you can have the report saved in the dossier of the contacts.

For full use of this function, you must first configure and set up the preferred supply type for each contact, the e-mail settings and, if applicable, the entry layouts and views.

To e-mail and/or print quotations in bulk using the Output action:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Sales process / Sales quotation.
  2. Select the quotation(s).
  3. Click on the action: Output.
  4. You can indicate that you only want to process the quotations that have not yet been processed.


    Normally, a document (such as a quotation) is completely processed when it has been supplied in the manner set as the Preferred issue method for the contact. However, if you process the line via the Output wizard using Different issue, the line will also be marked as Completely processed.

  5. If applicable, select a different printer and printer tray.
  6. Select the Different issue check box if you want to e-mail or print all lines in the same way and therefore do not want to take into account the Preferred issue method set for the sales/purchase contacts.
    1. Select the deviating issue method which will be the same for all selected lines, namely: Print, Print and e-mail PDF or E-mail PDF. For invoices, you also have the E-mail e-invoice + PDF option.
    2. Select a deviating report (other than that set in the sales and/or purchase contact profile).
    3. Select a message template if you selected one of the e-mail options as a deviating issue method.
  7. Select the Save in client record check box if you want to store the issued reports in the dossier for the contact(s).
  8. For Sorting, select the sorting method for printing.
  9. Select the Descending check box to sort the reports from high to low.
  10. Click on: Next.

    You now see an overview of the lines that will be issued and how this will be done.

    1. Select a line with the Print issue method and click on the Print preview action to check the report.
    2. Select a line with the E-mail issue method and click on the E-mail preview action.
    3. Close the preview.
  11. Click on: Finish.
  12. Click on: OK when the message informing you that the processing is complete is displayed.

    The Printed, Dossier, Mailed and Compl. proc. check boxes are selected when you have completed the corresponding procedure. These fields are only visible if you have added them to the view.


    If you are using the queue, Profit places this task in the queue. While the task is being performed in the queue, you can continue to work. After the task has been completed successfully, you can retrieve the generated reports.

    The queue is always enabled in AFAS Online. That means this task is always performed via the queue.


You can only e-mail a report once using the Output wizard. The check box in the Mailed column is then also selected. The line is never e-mailed a second time via the Output wizard; however, a line that has been e-mailed may be shown again because it has another processing method.

You can still e-mail a report manually using the E-mail action (one at a time).

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