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Set default reports in a sales/purchase contact profile

Reports are linked to each order process component in the default sales contact and purchase contact profile. These are reports supplied as part of Profit. For example, the Sales quotation report is linked to the Sales quotation (Profit) field. If you select to print a sales order after completing it, this report will be used. You send this report to your contact. This report is e-mailed in PDF format if the contact's issue type is 'E-mail PDF' (via the E-mail and Output actions).

You can add new reports yourself and link those reports instead of the Profit reports. You link the reports for e.g. the order process (quotation, packing slip) and the invoices.

If you e-mail reports, you can choose to create deviating, more colourful reports for this issue method. After all, you are no longer bound by traditional printing techniques and a more colourful layout does not lead to extra ink costs. For example, Profit supplies the digital pay slip and the digital invoice as Profit reports.

To link reports in a sales/purchase contact profile:

  1. Go to:
    • General / Configuration / Integration settings / Sales contact profile
    • General / Configuration / Integration settings / Purchase contact profile.
  2. Select the default sales contact profile (or default purchase contact profile).
  3. Go to the tab: Report.

    If you want to link a report for invoices, go to the Report invoice  tab.

  4. Check that the correct report was linked. If not, select your own report.
  5. Do this for all order process parts you use.
  6. Click on: OK.

The default contact profile is automatically applicable for the contacts for which you have not set up a profile.

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