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E-mail and/or print reports

You issue reports (quotations, orders, invoices, etc.) to your contacts by e-mail or you print them.

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A separate description is available for e-mailing and printing pay slips and annual statements.



You print your reports or e-mail them to your contacts. You can print reports using the Print or Output action. You have two options for e-mail: the E-mail and the Output actions.

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The advantage of the Output action is that you can print and/or e-mail multiple reports in bulk based on a selection. You can only send one report at a time using the E-mail action.

After performing the E-mail and Print actions, Profit only sets the status of the issued report to Completely processed if it was issued according to the issue method for the sales contact. To this end, Profit first looks at the issue method for invoices on the Digital tab. If no issue method has been set there, Profit looks at the issue method on the General tab. If you selected the Output action, the status of the invoices is always set to Completely processed.

The Output wizard can take the preferred issue method for each contact into account (e-mail, printing). You can also deviate from this setting, by issuing all lines in one way. For example, by e-mailing or printing all of them. You can also select a deviating report and (in case of e-mail) a deviating message template for all lines.

In the Output wizard, you can specify whether you only want to e-mail/print 'unprocessed' lines, or the entire selection. After execution using the Output wizard, the lines always have the Completely processed status.

Finally, you can have the report saved in the dossier of the contacts.

For full use of this function, you must first configure and set up the preferred supply type for each contact, the e-mail settings and, if applicable, the entry layouts and views.


You can only e-mail a report once using the Output wizard. The check box in the Mailed column is then also selected. The line is never e-mailed a second time via the Output wizard; however, a line that has been e-mailed may be shown again because it has another processing method.

You can still e-mail a report manually using the E-mail action (one at a time).



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