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Invoice instalments

You can invoice the instalments individually or in batches. This is based on a number of assumptions. For this, the following is assumed:

  • An instalment always results in an invoice one-on-one, meaning Profit does not generate any invoices on which multiple instalments are collected.
  • Profit does not include the actual costing lines invoiced on a 'cost-plus basis' to an instalment invoice, meaning these will be continue to be invoiced using the 'Automatic project invoices'.
  • You can manually add invoice lines to an instalment invoice when you change invoices.


    Profit supplies a separate layout for the instalment invoices. When the print layout is determined, the following order is applied: Project - Sales contact profile - Settings.

You generate an instalment invoice like an automatic project invoice. To this the following applies:

  • The ID of the instalment invoiced is entered in the Instalment field on the lines of the invoices.
  • The work type is copied from the instalment invoiced to the lines of the invoices; the VAT rate code is determined by this work type.
  • If Invoice by project is selected in the invoicing settings, the project is also entered in the invoice header.
  • The number in the lines is always 1, the price and amount fields are completed from the instalment, meaning that the fields in the base currency are not recalculated.

Invoice the instalments:

  1. Go to: Projects / Invoicing / Invoice instalment.
  2. Select the correct view, for example Not invoiced.
  3. Select the lines that you want to invoice, namely those with the Ready check box selected.
  4. Click on the action: Invoice.
  5. If applicable, select a different date to use as the invoice date in Invoice date.
  6. Select the Start output wizard upon completion check box if you want to issue (print/e-mail) the invoices immediately.

    If you do not want to print/e-mail the invoices now, you can do so later on using the Output action in the Invoices view.


    If you opt for automatic invoicing you generate the invoices immediately, even if you decide not to print the invoices using the Output wizard. Because there is a record of an invoice already created for the contacts/participants, these lines are subsequently no longer visible in the Invoice automatically function. In that case, you can only print/e-mail the invoices from the Invoice view.

  7. Click on: OK.

    You now see all lines that still have to be invoiced.

  8. Select the lines for which you want to generate an invoice. Use the Ctrl+A shortcut to select all the lines shown at once. You can undo this using the Ctrl+D shortcut.
  9. Click on: Finish.

If you have selected the check box for issuing the invoices using the Output wizard, the wizard now starts. You cannot select any invoices in the Output wizard if you start the wizard via automatic invoicing.

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