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Generate a sales invoice

You can automatically generate sales invoices. Depending on the selection you have set, Profit generates invoices for the packing slips reported ready.

If you want to gather invoices, you set that up using the sales contact profile.

For this function, configure the queue if you work locally, so that you can keep working while the invoices are being generated. If you use AFAS Online, the queue is always activated.


If you set the Invoice based on sales order option in the sales contact profile, the packing slips will be reported ready. They are only displayed in the Generate invoices function, if the order status is Delivered or Manually completed.


The Remote sales VAT duty is not possible in combination with automatic invoicing. This applies to all types of automatic invoicing: in drafts, projects, courses and subscriptions.

To generate a sales invoice:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Sales process / Invoice.
  2. Click on the action: Generate invoice.
  3. Select the Include packing slips check box.

    This field is only visible if you have orders using the advance payment order processing method. The selection fields are then separated for packing slips and orders.

  4. Make a selection on sales contact, date, packing slip/order number and priority.
  5. If applicable, select a Collection method.
  6. If applicable, select the Include orders check box if you also want to generate invoices for sales orders with advance payment (which are therefore not yet delivered). This field is only visible if you have orders using the 'advance payment' order processing method.
  7. If required, complete the selection fields for these orders with advance payment.
  8. Click on: Next.
  9. Set the Invoice date to be printed on the invoices.

    The invoice date is stored in all the invoices generated. Profit uses this invoice date to calculate the due date, that is the date by which the sales contact should have paid the invoice.

  10. If required, select the check box indicating that you want to start the Output wizard immediately after generating the invoices. Depending on the settings, you can also specify whether you want to print the packing slips/invoices immediately and if you want to save the packing slips/invoices in the dossier.
  11. Click on: Next.

    You now see the result of the selection.

  12. If desired, deselect the check boxes for packing slips.
  13. Click on: Finish.

    Profit generates the invoices. If you are using the queue, you see a message indicating that the invoices are being generated via the queue.

  14. Click on: OK.

    If you have selected the relevant check box, the Output wizard is started allowing you to issue the invoices according to the preference set for the sales contact.

    Profit will now issue all the invoices that have just been generated.

  15. Select the Different issue check box if you want to e-mail or print all lines in the same way and therefore do not want to take into account the Preferred issue method set for the sales/purchase contacts.
    1. Select the deviating issue method which will be the same for all selected lines, namely: Print, Print and e-mail PDF or E-mail PDF. For invoices, you also have the E-mail e-invoice + PDF option.
    2. Select a deviating report (other than that set in the sales and/or purchase contact profile).
    3. Select a message template if you selected one of the e-mail options as a deviating supply type.
  16. Select the Save in client record check box if you want to store the issued reports in the dossier for the contact(s).
  17. For Sorting, select the sorting method for printing.
  18. Select the Descending check box to sort the reports from high to low.
  19. Click on: Next. If you are using the queue, this step is not available and you cannot display a print preview.

    You now see an overview of the lines that will be issued and how this will be done.

    1. Select a line with the Print issue method and click on the Print preview action to check the report.
    2. Select a line with the E-mail issue method and click on the E-mail preview action.
    3. Close the preview.
  20. Click on: Finish.
  21. Click on: OK when the message informing you that the processing is complete is displayed.

    The Printed, Dossier, Mailed, Compl. proc. and Provided using eVerbinding check boxes are selected when you have completed the corresponding procedure. These fields are only visible if you have added them to the view.

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