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Configure sales invoices

You can change invoices in Profit, but you can only make changes that do not relate to stock processing in Profit Order management.


To ensure sales invoices are processed correctly in Profit you must first specify a number of settings, such as the numbering of the sales invoices.

In Profit Order management, you also configure whether you want to collect the invoices and if so, how.


  • Configuration

    You configure the invoicing and the integration with Profit Financieel.


  • Set up numbering for sales invoices

    The numbering of the sales invoices is determined automatically using a counter.

  • Set up journals for credit invoicing for integration with Financial

    You want to process sales invoices in Profit Financial. For this purpose, you set up a journal in which you can enter invoices and credit invoices. At a high level, you do this in the integration type. In a sales contact profile, you can specify a different value than that for a specific group of sales contacts.

  • Deviating delivery address on invoice

    You can record multiple addresses for each sales contact and set one of them as the preferred delivery address. However, when adding quotations, sales orders, packing slips and invoices you can set a deviating delivery address. You must configure this if you are using your own entry layouts and reports.

  • Add custom fields for logistics invoicing

    You can add custom fields for invoicing sales invoices. You can then include these fields, where applicable, in the entry layouts and reports.

  • Extra article description on the invoice

    If you want to print the Extra description of the article, you will need to modify the invoice layout.

  • Generate invoices with summary invoices

    When automatically generating, you can collect multiple packing slips for one sales contact on one invoice.



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