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Extra description of an article on an invoice

If you want to print the Extra description of the article, you will need to modify the invoice layout.

To print an extra description of an article on an invoice:

  1. Go to:  Order Management / Output / Management / Report.
  2. Open the properties of the report for the invoice.
  3. Click on:Modify (at the bottom left of the window).
  4. Click on: Next
  5. Select the Show all available links check box (at the bottom).
  6. Go to: Sales invoice lines / General / Item code / Item / General.
  7. Look for Extra description.
  8. Double-click on it and if necessary, enter a different description in this field.
  9. Click on Next three times.
  10. Click on: Finish
  11. Search for Extra description on the left-hand side of the window.
  12. Drag the field to the correct position in the Detail section.


    If you do not place this field in the Detail section, then the Extra description will not be printed correctly.

  13. Close Management report and save any changes.
  14. Create a new invoice and check if the Extra description is printed correctly.

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