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Sales invoice

Finally, the moment in the sales process arrives when you are going to invoice the sales quotation entered earlier that has been converted to a sales order an then to a packing slip. This is usually the end of the sales process. You can only create or generate invoices from packing slips that have been reported ready.


In Profit Order management, sales orders and packing slips may result in an invoice. The packing slip lines are the source for the logistical invoices.

Basically you can create invoices:

  • Based on one packing slip, or one sales order.
  • By automatically generating multiple packing slips/sales orders.

When generating invoices you can collect lines from multiple sales orders/packing slips on one invoice.

Profit Order management Allows you to invoice in the following ways:



  • Copy a packing slip to an invoice

    You can copy a packing slip to an invoice.

  • Manually add a sales invoice

    You add an invoice to be able to deliver items directly to a sales contact. By adding an invoice you add a packing slip that is invoiced immediately. Profit immediately writes off the stock of the added items and immediately invoices. Completion of the stock entry and the financial completion therefore take place at the same time.

  • Enter a sales invoice manually on a deviating administration

    If you are working with multiple administrations, you can enter a manual invoice on an administration other than the default.

  • Automatically generate sales invoices

    You can automatically generate sales invoices. Depending on the selection you have set, Profit generates invoices for the packing slips reported ready.

  • Generate a correction invoice

    In Profit Order management, you can generate correction invoices. You use a correction invoice, for example if you have a sales order with advance payment that has been invoiced and paid already, but for which changes were necessary later on. In the case of advance payment, you use only one correction invoice that includes all changes at the end of the process. You can only generate a correction invoice if the order is completed.

  • Change sales invoices

    You can change invoices in Profit, but you can only make changes that do not relate to stock processing in Profit Order management.

  • Credit sales invoices

    A credit note is a negative invoice. You can enter negative numbers on an invoice which means you are adding a credit invoice, or you can credit a complete invoice. You use credit invoices, for example if you have invoiced incorrectly of if a delivery has been returned.

  • Issue invoices

    You can select the way in which the invoices are issued: print invoices manually, e-mail one invoice or use the Output wizard to issue multiple invoices in bulk using the method set as the preference for the contact.

  • Delete sales invoices

    You cannot delete invoices that are not yet journalised if they have not yet been printed and/or placed in a dossier.

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