Enter packaging

If you make an entry for an order line to which a packaging article is linked then you make an entry for the packaging article automatically. You can view the entry of the packaging article by using the Packaging button in the entry layout.

If you use serial numbers for the packaging articles, you are obliged to enter a serial number when entering a packaging line or a return packaging line. When serial numbers are used, the number per line can only be one.

You can only record packaging lines at the highest level of the entry program and thus not using the sub-entry programs:

  • Assembled item lines
  • Serial numbers
  • Lots
  • Article dimensions

To enter an article with a linked normal packaging article in a sales order:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Sales process / Sales order.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Complete the fields.
  4. Complete the order line and then select the order line once again.

  5. Click on the action: Packaging.

    If you do not see this action, you must authorise it first.

    You then see the packaging/returnable packaging/disposal fee that have been entered.

    For every packaging that appears in the order, a compressed line is shown with the total quantity of the packaging in the order, plus the quantity that is determined from the line on which you start the action. You do not see any return lines here. You cannot make any changes to the compressed lines.

  6. Click on: Finish.
  7. Complete the order.

Directly to

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