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Add a disposal fee

The disposal fee is a surcharge on commercial used, sold articles that must be recycled. In order to charge the disposal fee, the delivery address must be in the Netherlands. The determining factor for this is the physical delivery of the products and not the invoice address.

To add a disposal fee:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. Enter an Item code and a Description.
  4. Select the Changeable description check box if, for example, you still want to be able to change the description when adding an order.
  5. Select the Article group the article belongs to. Per article group, you record how Profit should process purchases and sales in Profit Financieel.
  6. Select Stuks in Basic unit. This does not affect order lines or stock valuation as it does for normal articles.

    For the unit that you select here, you create the link with this disposal fee in the article data.

  7. Select Nul in VAT rate group.

    VAT is charged on the disposal fee, but the ultimate rate depends on the article to which you link this packaging. The rate from that article is then used to calculate this VAT amount. For Belgium, you have to configure this differently.

  8. Click on: Next.

  9. Select Packaging in Sub-article type.
  10. Click repeatedly on: Next. Keep doing this until you come to the sub-window for the disposal fee.

  11. Select the Use in order process check box.

    With this, a line is added to an order for each article in the order to which a disposal fee is linked when the order is recorded. Furthermore, the amount is calculated and included in the order amount payable.

  12. Select the Disposal fee check box to calculate a disposal fee for the packaging.
  13. Select the Disposal fee on international delivery check box if the article to which you are going to link the disposal fee is an export article and you also want to charge the fee to your foreign sales contacts.

    By default, this will not be case.

    If this check box is selected, the disposal fee is charged for orders for all countries outside the Netherlands. If you want to differentiate between countries, you have to create different disposal fees and different articles for these countries or groups of countries.

    When determining whether a delivery is an international delivery or not, the delivery address is the determining factor and not the invoice address.

  14. Enter the amount of the disposal fee in Disposal fee amount. This amount is always exclusive of VAT.

    You can enter an amount with up to four decimal places. You use this number of decimals when calculating the quantities based on weight (kilogram). For example: glass costs 0.0239 per kg and paper 0.0185 per kg. In invoices, amounts will have the usual two decimals.

  15. Click on: Finish.
  16. Next you are going to link the articles to the disposal fee.

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