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Return packaging

Return lines are packaging lines for which the Return field has the value Y. You can include the packaging articles in the sales process so that you can combine the sale of a regular article with that of the packaging article.

You always add return lines manually.

If there are any return packaging articles at various stages of the order process, you can use the Return packaging action on the entry screen to return them. When you record orders, for every packaging article that is linked to an article in the order line and for which the Use in order process check box is selected, a line is created in the Packaging table.

If you use serial numbers with the packaging articles, you are obliged to enter a serial number when entering a return packaging line. This means that when serial numbers are used, the number per line can only be one.

In the sub-entry program, you only see the lines where the Return field is filled with 'Yes'.


Enter a positive quantity when you enter the number of return packagings. When the data is saved, the quantity is multiplied by -1 and this negative amount is saved.

You can use packaging in the following parts of the system:


Packagings and returnable packaging

Work area