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Basic sales order

You can consider a basic order to be a template for an order that you can reuse on many occasions (sometimes with small changes). They speed up and simplify the addition of sales orders.

Basic sales orders are those you frequently supply, a large piece of text that you often use, or an order containing a lot of lines.



Using adding basic orders, order entry can be done more quickly and simply.

There are four options for using the basic sales order:

  • As a template for a recurring/repeating order from a sales contact
  • As a set of articles that are regularly ordered by sales contacts where on the one hand, you do not want to forget everything and on the other hand, you do not want to copy everything over
  • As a blanket order, an agreement with your sales contact for items to be purchased at a specific price and end date, which Profit tracks for you
  • As serial invoicing, which means that you send a mass invoice to a selection of sales contacts using the same basic order

The basic order has no impact on stocks or reservations. A basic order functions only as an entry template. You can convert a basic order into an order as often as you like.

There are two ways to add an order based on a basic order. You can create an order from the basic order and you can also copy a basic order from the order. After you have copied the basic order to an order you then only need to change the data that is necessary at that moment.

During the entry of basic orders, no product range check is made.


  • Add a basic sales order

    You add a basic order if you want to use a template for adding orders. You can add a basic order for a specific sales contact or for multiple sales contacts.

  • Copy order lines to a new basic sales order

    During the addition of order lines to a basic order, you can copy from all kinds of orders. You can copy order lines from a quotation, order, packing slip or another basic order to the basic order being added.

  • View a basic sales order

    You can view and change the properties of an added basic order.

  • Redetermine the basic sales order prices

    A basic sales order is a type of template that you can use repeatedly to add a new order. You also use a basic sales order as a blanket order in which you repeatedly change the quantities while the remaining data remains the same. You add a basic order at a specific moment. The master data in the basic order is also specific to that moment. We refer here, for example, to article prices and descriptions. If you change these prices and descriptions subsequently, this data is not changed in the basic order.

  • Change basic sales orders collectively

    It often happens that you no longer supply an article or that there is a new article. For these situations, it is possible to change existing basic orders very easily with a collective change.

  • Copy a basic sales order with general custom fields

    From an order, you can copy a basic order with general custom fields.

  • Sales_Afroeporder inrichten

    You configure blanket orders as a sales order.

  • Serial invoicing

You can create a series of packing slips and invoices for a selected group of sales contacts. Serial invoicing is used, for example, by schools for collecting tuition fees. You do this using a basic sales order.

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