Sales order

You use an order to sell products or activities (items). By adding an order, you reserve the sold units on the stock. As soon as there is sufficient stock available to deliver the whole order or part of it, you convert the order to a packing slip.


You add an order to reserve stock. When an order is added, a stock entry takes place. As soon as there is sufficient stock available to deliver the order wholly or partially, you convert it to a packing slip so that the actual delivery can take place. You can print an order report for an order and send this to your sales contact as the order confirmation.


If, for example, you add a sales order with a date in the past then the stock entries for the reservation of the order for the stock-tracked articles are always added using the system date (thus today)!


  • Configuration

    When configuring the order process, you determine the auto numbering, add entry layouts and reports and specify values for the general settings and the entry layouts. You then specify the way in which the stock has to be checked and how you deal with any backorders.


  • Add a sales order

    You add an order in order to sell items to a sales contact. With the addition of an order, you reserve the stock for the items in the order. You add a new order by entering it manually or by copying a basic order or a quotation to the order.

  • Blanket orders

    A blanket order is an agreement with your sales contact regarding the quantities of articles to be delivered at an agreed price over a specific period of time. As soon as you add a line to a sales order, Profit checks whether a blanket order applies to this article.

  • Sales order with advance payment

    The use of advance payment is an order processing method in which the sales contact first enters the order and then pays for the order after which you deliver the articles.

  • Sales order with down payment

    Down payment is an order processing method in which the order from the sales contact is first entered and then partially paid after which you deliver the articles.

  • View a sales order

    You can view the added orders using various functions. You can open the properties of an added order to view them and, if necessary, change them.

  • Change a sales order

    You can change the sales order.

  • Issue sales orders

    You can choose the way in which you supply your sales orders: print manually, e-mailing a single order or processing and supplying multiple orders using the Output wizard.

  • Allocated purchase order

    You can allocate a purchase order to a sales order from within the sales order itself.

  • Add a packing slip from a sales order

    In Profit Order management, you can easily convert sales orders to packing slips which you still can then modify or supplement.

  • Complete the sales order

    You can complete an order. You complete an order, for example if you have delivered it partially and the rest of the order no longer has to be delivered.

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