Change the contact in an active quotation/order

You can still change some data in the header of a purchase/sales order, counter/direct invoice, cost estimate or quotation after you have completed it. For example, you can change the contact or the VAT duty. A prerequisite is that the order has the Active status and the cost estimate has the Current status. When you change the contact, Profit automatically redetermines the contact data based on the VAT, currency, etc. The lines retain the price of the original contact. If required, you can change it manually.

You can use this function, for example if you have quotations outstanding with several purchase contacts for one purchase order.

In the case of a basic sales order, sales quotation, cost estimate, sales order and counter/direct invoice you can also change the sales contact in the header after you have already added the quotation/order.

Change the contact via the action in the entry layout. You first have to authorise the actions.


If Bakeries is part of your licence, you cannot use this function.

You cannot use sales orders with advance payment in combination with this function.

To change the contact in a quotation/order:

  1. Go to:
    • Order Management / Purchase process / Purchase basic order
    • Order Management / Purchase process / Purchase order
    • Order Management / Sales process / Verkoopbasisorder
    • Order Management / Sales process / Sales quotation
    • Order Management / Sales process / Sales order
    • Order Management / Sales process / Counter/direct invoice.
    • Projects / Cost estimate / Cost estimate
  2. Open the properties of the active quotation/order that you want to change.

    You now see the entry layout. Multiple entry layouts may be available. If so, select the entry layout you want to use.

  3. Click on the action: Change header (or Change header in the purchase process).
  4. Select another contact in the entry layout header.
  5. If necessary, change the price.
  6. Click on: Finish.

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