(Purchase) order process configuration

When configuring the order process, you determine the auto numbering, add entry layouts and reports and specify values for the general settings and the entry layouts.



The configuration of the order process begins with the entry of the order process general settings. After this, you set the order numbers using auto numbering. Next you add any of your own entry layouts and reports that you want to use in the order process. You can base your own entry layouts and reports on the default entry layouts and reports that are supplied in Profit. After this, you set the authorisation. Each menu function, each tab and each action can be authorised. You can also authorise the entry layouts.

Once the general configuration is ready, you can enter the settings for the various entry layouts. For each entry layout, you enter how the order number must be determined, whether you want to block orders based on a minimum or maximum amount, whether questions need to be asked about printing reports, etc.


  • Auto numbering

    For each component, you configure the auto numbering so that Profit numbers data automatically as you add it.

  • Reports

    You can add reports for the order process yourself. You first make a copy of the report that came standard. You can then make changes to the copied report.

  • Authorisation

    Various people normally carry out the actions in the order process. For example, the person who adds a quotation is often not the same person who assesses the quotation and then finalises it. For this reason, you authorise the various actions separately using action authorisation.

  • Set up order Processing

    You configure the order processing within the order process.

  • Set up sales line processing when completing purchase orders

    If you complete a purchase order manually, you may need to include the linked sales order lines in the order proposal sometimes, always or never.

  • E-mail

    If you want to e-mail orders to your purchase contacts then you configure this at various levels.

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