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Authorise a contact change in an active order

In a completed sales quotation, cost estimate, (basic) sales order or counter/direct invoice that is still active, you can still change the sales contact. This is also possible in the (basic) purchase order in the purchase process. Configure the authorisation of this section, so that the right users have access to the required functions and data.

To authorise functionality:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Go to the tab: Group maintenance.
  3. Select the group to authorise.
  4. Go to the tab: Authorisation.
  5. For the sales process, go to:
    • Order Management / Sales process / Sales order / Sales order header / Actions.
    • Order Management / Sales process / Basic sales order / Basic sales order header / Actions.
    • Order Management / Sales process / Sales quotation / Sales quotation header / Actions.
    • Order Management / Sales process / Counter/direct invoice / Counter/direct invoice header / Actions.

    Sales_Relatie wijzigen in actieve order autoriseren (10)

  6. Authorise the action: Change header.
  7. For the purchase process, go to:
    • Order Management / Purchase process / Basic purchase order / Basic purchase order header / Actions.
    • Order Management / Purchase process / Purchase order / Purchase order header / Actions.
  8. Authorise the action: Change header.
  9. For the cost estimate, go to:
    • Project / Cost estimate / Actions.
  10. Authorise the action: Change header.
  11. Close the Authorisation tool.
  12. Click on Yes in the message.

    De omgeving opent automatisch opnieuw, met de nieuwe instellingen.

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