Set up the order process

The configuration of the order process includes the Profit Order management general settings, the set up for auto numbering for order numbers and the addition of your own entry layouts and reports for the order process. In Profit Order management, you specify how the order processing works in the order process.

You have the following options:

  • Packing slip, invoice after delivery

    With this option, you first generate the packing slip after the order. As soon as you report the packing slip ready, Profit generates the sales invoice for the packing slip lines that are being delivered. This is the most widely used option.

  • Packing slip, no invoice

    If you select this option, Profit only generates the packing slip after the order. The invoice is not generated.

  • Invoice, delivery after advance payment

    If you select this option, the sales contact must first pay the entire invoice after which the order is automatically released for delivery. This method of delivery is frequently used by webshops.

  • Down pay, delivery after down payment

    If you select this option, the sales contact must pay a part of the invoice.

  • Packing slip and invoice, do not print or send invoice.

You set one of these options as preferred at a high level in the logistics settings. In the sales orders themselves, you can still deviate from this using the Processing order field in the order header.

To set up the order process:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Management / Settings.
  2. Go to the tab: Order Management.
  3. Select a value for Processing order.
  4. Select the Discount calculation on price check box to calculate the discount over the line prices.
  5. Select your own period table for Logistics, if you have added one. With your own logistics four-weekly period table, you can, for example, also create four-weekly reports.


    The period from the logistics period table is not recorded in the logistics entries.

  6. Select the Cumulatives based on delivery date check box if you want to base the determination of the cumulative amounts and quantities on the delivery date. If you do not select this check box, the invoice date determines the period.
  7. Click on: OK

Directly to

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