Complete purchase orders manually

You complete an order manually if it is partially received and the remainder of the order no longer needs to be received.

When you complete a purchase order manually, Profit undoes any current partial deliveries for the purchase order. You can complete a purchase order irrespective of its current status. When you do this, Profit deducts the quantity 'not yet received' in the purchase order(s) in question from the ordered stock per article.

To complete purchase orders manually:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Purchase process / Purchase order.
  2. Select the order(s) that you want to complete.
  3. Click on the action: Complete.

    If you have set it up, you are now asked whether you want to order the linked sales order lines once again using the order proposal.

  4. Click on Yes if you want to order the linked sales order lines once again.

    Profit completes the selected order(s) and changes the status of the order(s) to Manually completed.

  5. Click on: OK.

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