View the allocation of purchase orders to sales orders

You can view which sales order a purchase order is allocated to. This is important if there is not enough stock for a particular article. If there is not enough stock, a purchase order must be created.

You can add this purchase order manually or via the order proposal process. This link uses the order proposal. As soon as a sales order has been created with a sales line and the line has been transferred to the order proposal, then the order proposal must be generated. When the order proposal has been generated (i.e. the purchase orders have been created), the link between the purchase order and the sales order is visible.

As soon as the goods receipt is entered, the link between the purchase order and the sales order disappears.

To view the sales link:

  1. You have configured the order proposal in the article
  2. Go to: Order Management / Purchase process / Link sales.
  3. Filter on Linked to sales is Yes.

    You now see the purchase orders linked to sales orders. The purchase order number can be found in Number and next to it is the article information.

  4. Open the purchase order properties.

You now see the allocated sales line(s).

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